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Music Lessons in Northcote

Suzuki Violin Lessons

Learn to play the violin using the sound before sight approach of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki! Our studio has registered Suzuki teachers, meaning that they have completed a Suzuki training course and are completing ongoing Suzuki professional development. This means that your child not only has access to great teaching but is also eligible to participate in graduations held by Suzuki Music Victoria.

Book online or contact us to find out more or to book a trial lesson.

Piano lessons

Learn to play the piano at our studio in Northcote! Our piano lessons are suitable for complete beginners (both young children and adults) as well as more advanced students who are looking to complete music exams. If you're looking to develop a wholistic understanding of how to play the violin while having fun then look no further!

Book a trial lesson or contact us to find out more.

Music Theory Lessons

Whether you're wanting to complete theory exams or just learn more about how music works we're here to help.  Our music theory lessons explore analysis and composition in a unique way based on movement and musicianship that will give you a comprehensive understanding of music theory concepts.

Contact us to find out more or to book a trial lesson.

Chamber Music Coaching

Learning to play and rehearse in a small ensemble is a skill in itself that many players don't get to experience through individual lessons or by playing in orchestras.  In our chamber music coaching you'll receive personalised feedback on your ensemble playing and learn about effective rehearsal techniques to improve your chamber music performances.

Contact us to find out more or to book a trial lesson.

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